Does Cardiovascular exercise make you smarter

There’s plenty of research to suggest the cardiovascular exercise, like running, or any other cardio activity, improves your heart health, help you manage your blood pressure and lots of other health benefits. But in the past few years, research has taken benefits of cardio exercise to the next level. It suggests that performing cardiovascular exercise might actually make you smarter.

Photo: Men Running in Speedos

Photo: Men Running in Speedos (bostonrunner@flickr)

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In studies performed on both men and women, at multiple universities across the US, show that exercise improves brain performance. The first study at Purdue University on 30 women, they showed 17 improvement in their fitness levels, and a 12%-68% improvement in their ability to process information and make sound decisions. Over the years, studies have been performed with a whole variety of subjects from young adults to senior citizens, with intellectual activities ranging from simple to complex, all confirming that cardio exercises improves brain functions.

In a 2004 study at University of Illinois, UC showed that senior citizens who regularly exercised showed faster reaction times and better accuracy that sedentary senior citizens.

So, now you know – its easy to get smart. Science shows that running for 30 minutes a session, 3 times a week will not just improve your health, but help your brain perform better. Need help? Get all your running tips, lose weight and get smart!

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  • prachi

    I am totally motivated to run after reading this!
    Better yet everytime I can’t make up my mind I should take out my running shoes and get out!

  • neera agarwal

    i admire u for u r innovations when u connect health food with envoirment when u connect & motivate people by connceting good health with good personality like cardiovascular & goodposture well done u r v well read aswellas v intelligent person keep it up all the best

  • Cardiovascular exercises

    This good perspective of Author about Cardiovascular exercise. For improve our heart health we are doing cardio exercise and these exercise are the benefits all the body parts. Exercise like jogging, swimming and push-ups etc give benefits to the over all human body not only to the heart. When our health fit we are happy and enjoy with life So it’s human nature when a person fit healthy he look fit and smart.

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