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Do You Really Eat Healthy and Fit?

At Fitho, we help you live a healthier life and get fit – whether that is losing weight, toning up your body. We talk to many people on a daily basis who we help get fit. Most of them believe that overall they already eat a healthy diet but they are still gaining weight or unable to lose weight. Many of these people even exercise without much results.

Do you face the same problem. Read on to know where you might be going wrong and a simple solution to fix it …

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Veg vs Non Veg: Its a common myth that non vegetarian diets have higher calorie content than vegetarian. That’s not really true. Meats like fish and white meats are healthy, and due to their higher protein content can actually increase metabolic rate. Also vegetarian food can be high in carbohydrates, starch & fat based on how its cooked.

I eat light: Eating light is a very subjective term.  Through our daily pattern of eating, we might land up eating not-so-light foods, but not really note them. This can be for two reasons- one that you don’t register what you’ve eaten through the day, or foods that might seem ‘light’, but really aren’t. One common example is flaky snacks are often perceived to be light, but in many cases they are not.

Low Fat Food: You might actually be eating low fat food, but multiple studies have shown that when people switch to the lower fat version of a food, they eat more volume, in essence actually eating more calories. Read why we don’t recommend fat free food to lose weight.

High calorie intake: This is one of the most common challenges people face- eating more than they are supposed to. Even if you’re eating healthy, you could be eating more calories than your body needs. To manage this, all you need to know if your daily calorie requirement. For this, know your BMR- Basal Metabolic Rate, basically the number of calories that your body burns on a daily basis. Once you know this, you can estimate the right amount of food that your body needs.

So, if you’re trying to manage your health & your weight, it helps to have the right information from the experts. Since there are many factors that affect what you’re eating- to know whether you’re eating correctly, or what’s healthy & unhealthy in your diet, and how much food should you really be eating, try our Healthy Nutrition Assessment plan. In just a few minutes, a Fitho nutritionist will analyse your food intake based on your lifestyle, weight, body caloric needs, and advise you on simple ways to manage your weight better while keeping it simple for you to follow it. With just a little time, you’ll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

- Articles, data, text, image or video content posted on this site is checked by the Fitho team of nutritionists & fitness experts, or by research/studies, and opinions are based on our wide experience in helping thousands of people get fit, lose weight & manage their health.
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