Is soy food healthy?

A few months back, we had written an article questioning the ‘healthfulness’ of soy product- Side effects of  Soy health food?.  There are so many soy products in the market – Soy Milk, Soy Cheese, Soy Chicken (yes, its true), Soy Cream, Soy Dogs (soy based hot dogs), Soy Ice-cream, Soy Flour, Soy Chips, Soy Cookies, Soy Nuts, Soy Burgers… this list just goes on. I just saw a recipe for Soy Kheer!

Even as the market is getting loaded with options on Soy Products – The research jury is still out on if soy is good for you.

Soy - yuri nervegi@flickr

Soy – yuri nervegi@flickr

We’re waiting for the day of complete soy nirvana. Soy has already taken over the food world. What next? … soy based clothing fiber, carpets, curtains. We’ll just be completely surrounded by Soy.

We know many lactose intolerant people love soy products because their bodies cannot deal with milk, but for the others- why do you eat soy?

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