Jahanpanah City Forest- Running route South Delhi

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Jahanpanah City Forest at Chirag Delhi has a 6.7 km running trail in the middle of the south Delhi. Its a great running location, considering that the forest is surrounded by really crowded, high traffic areas- Alakhnanda, Chirag Delhi, Lado Sarai, Greater Kailash-2, GK-3, GK-4, Tughlakabad Extension, Saket, etc.

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Running Trail Jahanpanah City Forest, New Delhi (raveningumarov@flickr)

Its a completely paved trail, with markers every 200 meters. The main entrance of the Jahanpanah City Forest park is opposite Don Bosco school in Alakhnanda. There is a small parking lot too.

A lot of the trail is covered in thick foliage- provides a good respite from the heat. The track has some inclines and declines also. Delhi has mostly flat running tracks. Uphill parts of the track really help to build those calf muscles. And we all love running down hill :)

Most of the trail is quite desolate, and it runs by a number of areas in the city, so its best to have some company when running there. The park also have benches throughout the trail, and well as playing areas for kids. The forest timings are 6 a.m. to about 7.30 p.m.

Its a good place to for training for Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. Have you started training?! .. Not from Delhi- then start training anyway and make that trip to Delhi for the Airtel Half Marathon. Its an experience you won’t want to miss!

Besides running, you can cycle there as well. Along with playing in the little parks all over Jahanpanah forest

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  • http://dreamfit.blogspot.com kiran

    I love this place- full 7 km track.

  • kayak

    this is the best place to run in Delhi; I don’t live close but have bought a bicycle to go there five times a week. it is HEAVEN. makes gyms and treadmills seem utterly mundane.

  • Neha

    Its my favourite running track in the whole of Delhi, there is the regular concrete 7km track, but if one slips of the concrete path way, there is an interesting interplay of dirt tracks that go through small tunnels…lead one to a masjid, and one can manage a 10 km run without ever repeating the same track.. not to mention the immense peace, the company only of trees and the challenge of an undulating surface. Watch Outs- Can be a very lonely track once the sun sets and its not very safe

  • http://fitho.in Fitho

    Right on, Neha! One on my favourite tracks too.
    Great place to train for the Dream Run at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon.

  • sharda

    As part of a weight loss programme I’ve been on, I’ve done an average of 42-45mins of cardio five days a week (all jogging outdoors in Jahapanah) for the last six months but no other kind of exercise and am about 1kg off where I would like to be on the scales.

    I would like to change my exercise but at the same time not lose the endurance I’ve built up to be able to jog for 45 mins averaging about 6½ mins per km. What should I do? How many times in a week do I need to run to maintain the endurance?

    And how many days in a gym should I put in doing light weights etc, to maintain the weight I’m at assuming I’m careful about what I eat, which I fully intend to be!).

    Also as it’s very cold in the mornings these days and it’s getting more and difficult to jog early in the morning and head off to work in time, so going into a gym may be more feasible.

    also, Neha, how can you run 10k in Jahapanah, please do let me know – Would love to attempt that one day! I just do the big track right around the forest…

  • http://www.fitho.in/ Fitho

    @Sharda, try this:
    Hit the gym, twice a week to hit the weights- light to medium weights.
    To maintain your endurance, you can still run on the remaining 3 days
    Do it in this format of a seven day week: Run-UpperBody-Run-Rest-Run-Lower Body-Rest

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mohit-Sareen/723670176 Mohit Sareen

    I love this place too… Go there everyday in the morning for the complete 7Km Walk… I accidently found this link today… check out some pictures i took and posted on facebook here….


  • http://www.fitho.in/ Fitho

    Thanks Mohit, but we can’t access your photos, since they’re private.

  • Aman


    I’ve checked Jahanpannah on google maps and it looks awesome. I usually go Sanjay Van and JNU forest area as these are closer to my place.
    Am keen to try this out. Could anyone tell me if its possible to cycle inside the forest premises?

  • http://fitho.in Fitho

    @Aman, yes its possibly to cycle inside Jahanpanah forest

  • harshal

    can u help me for gain muscle????????

  • puneet

    I was actually reprimanded by the guard for taking my bike (MTB) inside the jahanpanah forest… But i made the most of it while i was in there ;)
    Its an oasis of lovely trails to ride the mountain bike right in the middle of the city.

    Can you please confirm whether cycling is prohibited (for excercising) I have a feeling that they dont allow commute rcyclist only?

  • http://yahoo Parveen

    we should take care of our forest.the security should be strict so that people can’t pluck flowers’leaves and grass.the dogs also should not be allowed inthe forest.

  • http://shahdigest.blogspot.com Sarfraz

    Can anyone tell me whether this Jahapannah Forest incorporates any Kabristan inside it.

  • jitender verma

    pls suggest – how can we identify the mud track in jahapanah city forest park.. ? is it a mud track or paved track ?? how much mud and how much paved track ? with respect to point no. 3 by Neha, how can we find the dirt track of 10kms..

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