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Delhi Half Marathon 2009 Route Maps

The routes for the Delhi Half Marathon are available now!

All events start in the holding area, which is located in Central Civil Services Cultural and Sports Ground Boards, opposite Nehru Park. Note that this not the main road and is far from the marathon parking area.

We recommend reaching at least 1.5 hours early, since last year there was a mad crowd. We got there on time, but could only start running 35 minutes after the race was started.

Are you running to be a win any of the races?

Compare your running times to see if you have a winning chance!

Below are all the route maps.

Great Delhi Run Route Map: Starts at 9.30 a.m

Delhi Half Marathon Route Map: Starts at 7.30 a.m

Senior Citizens Run Route Map: Starts at 7.10 a.m

Wheelchair Event Route Map: Starts at 7.10 a.m

If you’re looking for places to train in Delhi- Here is a list of running routes in Delhi.

If you are registered, hope your training is going well. The last date for registering for any of the events in the Delhi Half Marathon 2009 was Oct 4, 2009. In case you have not registered, you’ll just have to wait till Delhi Half Marathon 2010!

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