Corn Flakes Calories, Nutrition- Are they healthy or fattening?

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Traditionally, when people think of breakfast cereal, they think of corn flakes and milk. Yes, breakfast is good for you. But what is odd, is the association of corn flakes with healthy food. Many people eat corn flakes to lose weight or reduce harmful belly fat.

The base ingredient is corn, but along with that the other major ingredient are sugar, malt flavouring, and high fructose corn syrup. All these ingredients have a high content of high GI carbohydrates. In fact, there is a huge controversy linked to the excessive use of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) in food- it has been linked to obesity, since it promotes excessive food consumption and insulin resistance in the body. As Indians, we already have the ‘belly gene’, and are prone to diabetes. Consumption of high GI carbohydrates only increases that risk.

thebusybrain @ flickr

thebusybrain @ flickr

Besides the health effects of HFCS, corn flakes has a high content of high GI carbohydrates, which promote fat storage in your body. Besides the fat storage, high GI carbohydrates increase your blood sugar drastically. This high blood sugar level promotes fat storage in the body. This is the ‘sugar rush’ or ‘energy rush’ that you experience after eating sweets. Your brain’s job in the body is to balance all processes. So to counteract this increased blood sugar level, your body over produces Insulin. (Insulin is a hormone which regulated blood sugar levels. For more, know more about Insulin). With extra insulin in your system, your blood sugar level reduces drastically. Your brain assumes this low blood sugar is a signal of less energy, and you experience that laziness post a carbohydrate heavy meal (rice, white bread, etc). Your brain also signals you to eat, since it misinterprets these low sugar levels for lack of energy in the body.

Calories and Nutrition in Corn Flakes: Each cup of corn flakes (approx 25 grams) contains, 21.7 gms of carbohydrates and only 1.7 grams of protein and low fiber content if any. Due to its low protein content, it will not keep you full for long. Each cup of corn flakes has approx 95 calories.

Some breakfast cereal ads might show that corn flakes help you lose weight, but they only expect to eat limited corn flakes for your meals. The irony of corn flakes is that its low in fat, but the high sugar content promotes fat storage!

If you really enjoy corn flakes, then have it with some low fat milk, and add a dose of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants with fruits like berries, apples or bananas. It’ll make a delicious and healthy breakfast and great post workout snack. If you’re diabetic, watch your diet- we have the complete list of foods that diabetics should avoid.


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  • Lalit Gupta

    Can you let me know if eating wheat flakes is ok?
    best wishes

  • Fitho

    look at the ingredient list. I haven’t seen it, but my guess is that wheat flakes should have a lower carbohydrate content, and higher fiber content that corn flakes. Possibly lower calorie count also.

  • nathan

    is corn flakes healthy?

  • aryan

    pls give detail tips 2 lose wait from stomach

  • aryan

    MY Name Aryan .Age:28, Gender:Male , Hight:5.6 ,location: Thane , pls give me diet of reducing fats from stomach as i previous said &amp reverted back me for my age & gender , location.

  • shivani

    kindly give me details on how to loose weight on my belly fat.

  • bhuvana

    corn flakes- how it helps to reduce body weight

  • Annie

    Haven’t you guys been listening?

    Cornflakes INCREASE the fat deposits in our body because of the high GI (Glycemic index)levels it contains (and the refined sugar, which they failed to mention.) Corn, in its natural state IS healthy (essentially, it’s like any normal wholegrain)but like anything, when you take a grain and manipulate it, it is no longer healthy.

    So lay off the Kellogs (who make sure to advertise with how “nutritional” they are) and maybe swap with a bowl of fruit and yoghurt for brekkie OR porridge. With natural oats, you can estimate how much sugar/honey you apply to your cereal. With packaged cereals, forget it :P

    Happy eating :)

  • saurabh

    I want to know if there is any vitamin B12 content in cornflakes. It there is any , than what is the % or amount?


  • Fitho Weight Loss

    @saurabh, whichever corn flakes you buy should show you the content of Vitamin B12

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