Core Exercises
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Core Exercises

Core is the centre of the body where the wondered six pack abs lies hidden beneath the fat. The abs, hips and lower back together are known as core.  Strong core is essential to do strength training, lift heavy weights, do any moving work faster and easily. Core brings a balance in the body and stabalizing it while aligning it as well for greater work efficiency. Therefore it becomes important to give priority to strengthening your core before you move on to any other fitness training. Most of the times we neglect exercising our core maybe thats also another reason behind increasing number of back pains amongst young people.

Strengthening the core improves the strength and athletic ability and reduces injury on lower back and midsection. Core comprises of pelvic, rectus abdomins(Abs), tranverse abdominis, internal and extarnal obliques and multifidus which is the deep muscles of the back. You must have seen people do crunches to build their abs but that is a half-hearted effort towards getting it right. You want a stronger and more defined core you need to work the whole section.

Here are some exercise to strengthen your core including your six pack abs
Planks: This exercise really tests you and doing this regularly will make your abs rock solid. See how much time can you hold your body on your arms. Placks work all core muscles and build great power which increases capacity to lift weights. Do side planks to work body body more working both the internal and external obliques and the transverse abdominis.

Crunches: This is beneficial for building and strengthening the abs and obliques to an extent. Crunches can be done in many variations. One variation is raising the leg along with the upper body while keeping the back on the floor.

Hip Raise: This exercise works the lower abs in the pelvic area along with the upper abs and strengthens lower back muscles.

Bicycle Twist: This exercise works the entire core and helps gaining strength. Right posture to do the exercise is important. It is little tough to do but building abs require some effort  and will tighten the stomach.

There are many exercises that can be done to strengthen the  core. Read here to know more core exercise for increasing power to become super fit.

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