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Womens Health Articles

Read informative articles on women health to stay updated with the latest trends in women health and comprehensive information about women health. Get information related to women’s health care such as fitness, nutrition advice, women’s health problems, healthy recipes and much more. These articles on women health can be really effective and useful for you and help you to lead a healthy and fit life.

Benefits of Weight Training for Women

Benefits of Weight Training for Women Women are afraid of weight training as they think this will bulk them up. But to achieve their weight goal or general fitness it is important to include a mix of cardiovascular and weight training in your workout regimen. It’s physiologically impossible for women to gain muscle in the same way as a man because...Read More

How to Get Rid of All The Flab Piled Up After Baby Birth

How to Get Rid of All The Flab Piled Up After Baby Birth   Question / Dilemma: A former Doordarshan anchor, wants to get rid of all the flab that she has piled up after baby birth. At 5’3”, she weighs 85 kgs, and needs to get rid of at least 25kg. “I feel sad looking at my old pictures. I loved western wear, but now I stick...Read More

Children of Obese Mothers Have Higher Heart Risk

Children of Obese Mothers Have Higher Heart Risk Weight loss is a lot more than just about looking good. Its about good health. People associate obesity with personal health but recent studies have suggested that mothers who are overweight can have an effect on the heart health of their child at birth. Other issues such as fetal distress and increased risk of obesity,...Read More

Does Lifting Weights Make Women Bulky?

Does Lifting Weights Make Women Bulky? Should women lift weights to lose weight? Or will lifting weights make them bulky? Let’s start by getting the basics right. Testosterone is one of the major hormones responsible for increase in muscle size. Women do not, and cannot naturally produce as much testosterone as men do. This also explains the reason why men are...Read More

A Health Tip for You, When Having Cold & Flu with Periods

Question / Dilemma: What should be my diet when I fall sick – cold and flu with my periods? Can something ensure a speedy recovery and give me enough energy to be able to go about my routine activities? Answer: When you are suffering from cold and flu, and have also got your periods you must pack yourself...Read More

3 Exercises for Great Butt

3 Exercises for Great Butt Looking to shed that extra layer of fat from your posterior and get a well-toned backside? You are just in the right place. Here are the top 3 exercises which are designed to give you that well-sculpted butt. 1. Lunges This move gives you an awesome stretch through your glutes while testing your balance, coordination...Read More

Top Food Sources of Calcium

Top Food Sources of Calcium Human body needs calcium to build strong bones when we are young and to keep bones strong as we get older. Moreover, it’s also needed for the proper function of nerves, muscles, kidneys and the heart. Not having enough calcium in the diet is one of the many factors associated with an increased risk of...Read More

Is Thyroid Making You Fat?

Is Thyroid Making You Fat? A tiny sized butterfly-shaped thyroid gland placed in the lower front of your neck that produces the thyroid hormones T3, T4 and TSH has a huge impact on almost every aspect of our health, from weight to mood to heart rate to energy level. The thyroid hormones control the metabolism of the body i.e. how...Read More

Losing Weight With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Losing Weight With Rheumatoid Arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder that may affect many tissues and organs but primarily affects the small joints of hands & feet. It affects the lining of joints, causing a painful swelling that can eventually cause poor bone density and joint deformity. It can lead to substantial loss of functioning and mobility if...Read More

Foods that Help Fight Acidity

Foods that Help Fight Acidity We’ve all suffered from it at some point or the other. Let’s see the foods and tips that can prevent acidity… Acidity occurs when there is excess secretion of acids in the gastric glands of the stomach. When the secretion is more than usual, we feel, what is commonly known as heartburn, which is normally...Read More

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