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Why Be Fit And Healthy Articles

Read informative articles to know why be fit and healthy, stay updated with the latest health trends and comprehensive information about health and fitness. Get information related to why a person should be fit and healthy. These health and fitness articles can be really effective and useful for you and help you to lead a healthy and fit life.

Stress Management with Food

Stress Management with Food Studies have correlated strong connection between food and stress. As we get busy and stressed, we tend to make poor nutritional choices which puts your body under further stress. Stress increases cellular activity and reduces the effectiveness of the digestive system leading to nutritional deficiencies and therefore a diet of nutrient dense foods needs to...Read More

Indians need more exercise

Indians need more exercise We keep telling you how important it is to exercise and how Indians are genetically prone to obesity and diabetes. To combat this, the Indian govt lowered obesity guidelines, so more people fall into the ‘obese’ category. Check if you are obese, by Indian govt health standards? Trust us, most of you would be surprised!...Read More

What’s holding back your fitness goals?

What’s holding back your fitness goals? Many of us have fitness goals or have a body that we desire. We might plan to work towards it, or even start a diet or an exercise plan to reach it, but we rarely achieve it. Below is the list of top reasons that hold you back from achieving your fitness goals. Too tired...Read More

Mono Diets: Fast, Unhealthy Weight Loss

Mono Diets: Fast, Unhealthy Weight Loss Everyone wants ‘Fast Weight Loss’, regardless of how long it took them to gain weight. Due to this high demand, there are many short terms fixes using extreme & often unhealthy methods for ‘fast weight loss’ that do not give you actual fat loss, only water loss. So, once you return to your normal lives,...Read More

Does Cardiovascular exercise make you smarter

There’s plenty of research to suggest the cardiovascular exercise, like running, or any other cardio activity, improves your heart health, help you manage your blood pressure and lots of other health benefits. But in the past few years, research has taken benefits of cardio exercise to the next level. It suggests that performing cardiovascular exercise...Read More

Why Lose Weight – 5 reasons

Why Lose Weight – 5 reasons Most people start a weight loss plan for aesthetic reasons to look good. But beyond that, excess weight is literally a menace to your health. Besides making you fat, large amounts of fatty deposits can cause havoc on your body’s internal systems. By Indian government obesity guidelines, People who are Body Mass Index (BMI) of...Read More

Are you drinking fat?

Sounds disgusting, but many of those soft drinks that we merrily consume are literally like drinking fat. We tell you all the time how sugar can make you fat. According to the New York City Health Department, drinking just one can of soft drinks (or sugary soda) can make you gain upto 5 kgs of...Read More

Belly fat increases Asthma risk

Belly fat increases Asthma risk Whether its a belly, or love handles, we already hate the belly fat on our bodies. To make it worse, recent research shows that overweight or obese women were more likely to develop asthma than women with a healthy weight. Further they found that regardless of weight,a large waist size (more than 34 inches) also...Read More

Sugar Reduces Testosterone Levels

Sugar Reduces Testosterone Levels We’ve told you about how sugar makes you fat. There’s new research that shows that besides promoting fat storage in your body, it further adversely affects your body. Read on to find out.. According to a new study, sugar reduces testosterone levels. Testosterone is the male hormone- its what promotes muscle growth (and fat loss),...Read More

Lose weight, get smart!

Lose weight, get smart! You already know the benefits of losing weight- It is good for your heart, help you live longer, and eases depression. But can it make you smarter? Apparently, it does make you smarter! Researchers at Stanford University found that patients who had undergone gastric bypass surgery showed improvement in memory, problem solving, and attention to...Read More

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