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Running Exercise Articles

Read informative articles on Running to stay updated with the latest and comprehensive information about Running. Know running related information, benefits, advice and more. These articles on Running can be really effective and useful for you and help you to lead a healthy and fit life.

8 Uncommon & Super Effective Running Tips

Running is a phenomemal exercise, whether you do it to lose weight or fitness, or just for the love of running, and its therapeutic effects. You’ve probably read up on the basic tips for running. But here, we’re going to give you some uncommon tips on running that can only come from experience of having...Read More

Run Training: From 0k to 7k for DHM

If you live in Delhi or actually India, you have probably heard about the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2010. Its an annual event, over the last 5-6 years, and each year it grows bigger. Each year, more people participate in the event. Wonder why people participate? First, because its a lot of fun, and many...Read More

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2010

We have the official dates for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2010. Its on Nov 21, 2010. Registrations should open in September. As is standard, there should be 2 main events: 7km fun run and the 21k half marathon. Other details are still pending, but we’ll keep you updated! To be totally updated, sign up...Read More

Airtel Kolkata Marathon 2010

In 2009, 20,000 people took part in 2009 Kolkata Marathon. The 2010 Kolkata Marathon is here! This is the 6th year of the Kolkata Marathon, starting in 2005. Need tips to start running? Need tips to prepare for a marathon and nutrition tips during and after a marathon here. Here is a list of running...Read More

8 Tips for Good Running Form

Do you run or jog? Doesn’t matter if its outdoors or on the treadmill, we’ve given you plenty of tips on running. Today, we’ll tell about some finer points on how to improve your running form. These tips will not only help you run more efficiently, but also run faster, with less effort, improve muscle...Read More

Delhi Half Marathon 2009 Route Maps

The routes for the Delhi Half Marathon are available now! All events start in the holding area, which is located in Central Civil Services Cultural and Sports Ground Boards, opposite Nehru Park. Note that this not the main road and is far from the marathon parking area. We recommend reaching at least 1.5 hours early,...Read More

Running Myths and Mistakes

We’ve told you that running is the best way to lose weight. Many of you have started running. Some are even training for the Delhi Marathon 2009. Sometimes even with all the information, we make some running mistakes, or believe in myths about running. So, we’re going to tell you how to avoid them: Running...Read More

Official Delhi Marathon Registration Dates

We have news for you. The registration for Delhi Half Marathon 2009 starts on Aug 27, 2009. We’ve told you all about the Delhi Half Marathon running event. Here is information on last year’s routes for the Delhi Half Marathon 2008. The official date for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon is Nov 1, 2009. To...Read More

What and When to Eat Before Exercise Workout?

Now that you know why you should eat before a workout, we’ll tell you what to eat before exercise and a workout. The basic rule of a pre-workout snack or pre-exercise meal is that it should be easily digestible to provide you sustained energy for your workout. Whether its yoga, or running, or hitting the...Read More

Coolest Marathons in the World

There are regular marathons and half marathons, and then there are really cool marathons! Whats a cool marathon? Let’s show you.. Being in India, we’ve got our share of marathons/runs across Indian cities. But there is a hidden gem among them all. The Great Tibetian Marathon.  Every July, this marathon is held in the Tibetian...Read More

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