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Morning Mistakes That Slow Down Metabolism

“Take care of your body it is the only place you have to live in!” Metabolism is a term that is used to describe all chemical reactions involved in maintaining the living state of the cells and the organism. Metabolism is closely linked to nutrition and the availability of nutrients. Nutrition is the key to...Read More

Fitho Powers Reebok Running Squad Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2011

Good news for the runners: Fitho in collaboration with Reebok Running squad has started free marathon training program in Delhi & NCR. The session will be kickstarted with over 400 people participating in the first week. With just 11 weeks remaining for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon this free training program called Reebok Running Squad...Read More

Interval Training

Among the latest and most effective exercise routine for fast fat loss, improving performance, raising fitness levels, increasing endurance or getting started on a regular fitness regime interval training has been the touted to most effective routine. Short burst of high intensity training for a short period of time is known as Interval Training. You...Read More

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2011- Training, Registration

The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2011 is scheduled on 27th Nov, 2011. It is the fourth edition of its kind and much awaited sporting event of the year. Participated by teenagers, youth, adults, old and draws attention of the whole nation. Offering different platforms in the form of veterans, senior veterans and super veteran for...Read More

Spinning for Weight Loss

Spinning is a popular group  stationary cycling session which promises to make your fitness goals a reality. Spinning involves different techniques like interval training, high intensity and variations in cycling for burning calories, building endurance and stamina and strength. Spinning is a hybrid form of stationary cycling that is conducted by an instructor to the beat of fast music. Spinning is...Read More

Cross Training for Weight Loss

Cross training is one of the most popular fitness trends world-over. What is cross training and what makes it so popular? To put is simply cross training is a creative way to make your workout more beneficial and enjoyable by combining different forms of exercises. Your body has a tendency to get use to the...Read More

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2011

The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2011 is scheduled for 27th of November. Every year thousands of people come and participate in this event. Delhi Half Marathon has become a national  annual event where people travel to the capital from around the world to especially participate in it. Airtel Delhi Half Marathon  2011 – Distance: 21.09 km; Registration Fees:...Read More

Jump Start Your Workout

From now on doing proper workouts will not be a problem once you learn a few basics for workout which you should know. Understand how you can start exercising with some suggestions. How to start? Divide up your time through out the day any way you want. 4-6 ten minute workouts can do the wonders

8 Uncommon & Super Effective Running Tips

Running is a phenomemal exercise, whether you do it to lose weight or fitness, or just for the love of running, and its therapeutic effects. You’ve probably read up on the basic tips for running. But here, we’re going to give you some uncommon tips on running that can only come from experience of having...Read More

Run Training: From 0k to 7k for DHM

If you live in Delhi or actually India, you have probably heard about the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2010. Its an annual event, over the last 5-6 years, and each year it grows bigger. Each year, more people participate in the event. Wonder why people participate? First, because its a lot of fun, and many...Read More

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