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Army Style – Some Intense Workouts

Army Style – Some Intense WorkoutsBelow is coverage on the Fitho bootcamps!  

Get Fit in Style

Get Fit in StyleFitho adds style to your fitness routine with sports collection by A fit body makes clothes look good but do you know that wearing the right clothes to exercise can also help you get fitter faster. Get fit and stylish with gift vouchers from Fitho wellness with every purchase of sports merchandise on This offer...Read More

Functional Fitness at Home

Functional Fitness at HomeStay Fit Magazine -12 Aug 2012; Read all about functional fitness at home. Get tips on easy exercises that help burn fat and lose weight. If you are looking for a diet & exercise plan for weight loss that is easy, practical and affordable then log on to          

New Trend on the Internet: Healthcare

New Trend on the Internet: HealthcareBusiness Today Press Coverage Basics of Online Healthcare It began with e-tickets, then moved on to paying bills and managing bank accounts, and finally fashion. The new buzzword on the internet is healthcare. Prachi Agarwal, founder of the online service Fitho Weight Management, shares a guide to the new age trend of healthcare on the...Read More

Thinner and fitter for Rs 16 a day

Thinner and fitter for Rs 16 a dayThe New Indian Express Press Story     Thinner and fitter for Rs 16 a day If your idea of fitness involves regular gym visits and sifting through expensive dietary plans, it’s time you were introduced to the new-age fitness regime. All you have to do is spend Rs 16 per day to lose the...Read More

Get Fit in Five Minutes

Get Fit in Five MinutesHT City : Ready to get fit in five minutes. Fitho Wellness shares with the readers of HT City the most effective High Intensity Interval Training program to lose weight and get fit. A quick, high intensity five minute workout routine chart for beginners and people with moderate fitness levels that can be done at...Read More

Are you a food addict ?

Are you a food addict ?Fitho Wellness talks to HT City about how to deal with food addiction. Fitho’s formula to dealing with food addiction is simple: following a healthy three meal diet plan, exercising, limiting caffeine & alcohol intake, drinking plenty of water, learning  how to substitute unhealthy food with equally delicious but healthy food and lastly how to naturally control your emotions that trigger incessant binging.  ...Read More

HT City May 18 : Weight and Watch

HT City May 18 : Weight and WatchFitho is in news again, Fitho health consultancy says, ” There are some exercises which are not advisable for new moms. So It’s a good Idea to let an expert chalk out your fitness regime.”  For more information, read  “Lara’s on her way ” . Fitho is in news again

Hindustan Times Feb 25 : Defying Vertical Limits

Hindustan Times Feb 25 : Defying Vertical LimitsFitho is in news again with its latest in fitness: 12 minute workout & BootCamp at Lodhi Garden. Our 12 minute workout is a power packed exercise routine that not only saves time but gets your blood pumping. Based on leading researches that confirm exercising just 15 minutes a day can have many health benefits....Read More

HT City Jan 13: Get Rid of After-Party Skin Woes

HT City Jan 13: Get Rid of After-Party Skin WoesRead what Fitho Wellness talks in “Change in Diet” about how to take care of skin woes post excessive drinking & eating junk food with the help of a healthy & simple to follow diet.    

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