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Read informative articles on fat loss tips to stay updated with the latest and comprehensive fat loss tips. Get important fat loss advice and information to lose weight effectively and stay fit for life. These articles on fat loss tips can be really effective and useful for you and help you to lead a healthy and fit life.

5 Ways To Burn Calories Without Exercising

5 Ways To Burn Calories Without ExercisingYou heard it! Burning calories without exercising! It is possible. And no we’re not going to ask you to take the stairs instead of the elevator, or cycle to work instead of your car. Because you know it better than anyone else, that it just won’t work because in most cases it’s just not practical....Read More

5 Flat Belly Exercises That You Can Do At Home

5 Flat Belly Exercises That You Can Do At HomeAs Indians we have a genetic disposition to store fat on our belly. This is why you often see people around you, who are relatively slim but have a belly bulging out. Besides being aesthetically unappealing, the problem with belly fat (also known as visceral fat) is that it’s the most dangerous kind of fat...Read More

5 Exercises that You Must Do!

5 Exercises that You Must Do!Everyone needs exercise. Some of us do it, some of us plan to, and some of us don’t plan to. But if you do exercise or plan to, then these 5 exercises are a must on your workout plan. Plank: Yes, it’s that simple. You just need to hold yourself in that ‘plank’ position. The...Read More

5 Exercises That Don’t Actually Help You Burn Fat

5 Exercises That Don’t Actually Help You Burn FatYou would think that if you were exercising, it would make a dent in your fat loss. But that’s not always the case. Not all exercises are made equal, and some are literally useless at helping you burn any significant calories. Here’s a list of the top 5. But before we get into those infamous...Read More

How to Lose Weight Throughout the Day, Everyday?

How to Lose Weight Throughout the Day, Everyday?  Losing weight isn’t just about doing one healthy thing like walking in the morning or eating cereals for breakfast— it’s made up of a plenty of healthy options that you choose to go with throughout your day. By introducing these simple changes in your daily life you will be on your way to being super...Read More

How to Lose the Beer Belly

How to Lose the Beer Belly  Growing beer belly? Blaming it on the beer is fine but how long will you sit and do nothing about it. How do you get a beer belly? Its just not the beer that is making you gain that belly. Any alcoholic drink will make you fat if you eat food while drinking alcohol....Read More

5 Foods to increase your Vitamin D intake

5 Foods to increase your Vitamin D intakeVitamin D is a unique vitamin and its availability in the body largely depends on its synthesis in the skin when exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D can be synthesized in the body in adequate amounts by simple exposure to bright sunlight even for 5 min per day. Early morning sun is the best sources of...Read More

6 Weight Loss Myths That Misguide You

6 Weight Loss Myths That Misguide YouUsually, we believe what we want to believe. That’s why we sometimes are a few logics away from truth, mistaking myths to be facts. With obesity becoming a serious issue, it’s that wake-up time for all of us to be aware of what’s myth and what’s fact, when it comes to the common and popular...Read More

Ways to stop emotional eating

Ways to stop emotional eatingMany people tend to eat according to the state of their emotions. For example, if they are happy they will eat their favourite pizzas or burgers and if they are sad they will eat ice-cream or chocolate to lift their mood. Eating triggered by emotion and not hunger is often called emotional eating that can...Read More

Diet Tips

Diet TipsPeople either exercise or diet to lose weight. While to really lose weight & keep it off you need a combination of both. If you are not watching what you eat and think just by exercising you will get results then you have uphill task ahead of you. Smart people know that to lose weight...Read More

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