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Read informative articles on health myths to stay updated with the latest and comprehensive information about health myths. Know the important information and advice related to health myths. Know exposed health myths and the ones that are true. These articles on health myths can be really effective and useful for you and help you to lead a healthy and fit life.

The amazing health benefits of egg yolk

Egg yolk has many health benefits. Many studies show that egg yolks contain cholesterol that can be harmful to the heart. But other studies have found that there is no harmful effect of the egg yolk if it is consumed in a moderate amount. In fact studies say that you can have up to 4-5...Read More

Eating healthy during Holi

Holi is the festival of colours and surely a difficult time for all weight watchers. It is so easy to go overboard on calories with so many sweets, beverages & snacks to choose from. But we have the perfect tricks that can help you stay on track while you have a blast this holi,So here...Read More

Is papad good for you?

Papads are an essential part of many diets. It is regularly consumed across many parts of India. Papads come in a wide variety of flavours and textures. Papads could be roasted, baked or fried. But most papads could be unhealthy due to a variety of reasons.The possible harmful effects of papads are as follows:- 1....Read More

Worst foods for weight loss

There are lots of foods that silently add hundreds of calories to your diet. These foods are easily accessible and tasty. These are also often high in saturated fats or sugar or both. Thus, not only do they add to your body fat, they even increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other lifestyle...Read More

Is your weekend binge good for health?

Many dieters don’t like what they see on the weighing scale on Mondays after an unhealthy meal and drinking session over the weekend. But according to a new study from Cornell University, the weekend binge can actually be part of a normal cycle of weight loss and you may actually gain from it, as it...Read More

Are egg yolks healthier than egg whites?

Eggs are amongst the healthiest natural foods. They are a power house of nutrients. In fact, two eggs a day can take care of a lot of our daily essential nutrient requirement. But many of us feel that the egg yolk is unhealthy and stay away from eggs for that reason. Those on a weight...Read More

Are your post workout rewards making you fat?

What you eat post workout can be crucial to your weight loss plans. Follow the below mentioned tips to continue reaping the benefits of all the effort that you put into your workout. 1. Self control Most people tend to treat self control as a finite commodity. In other words, if they restrain and hold...Read More

How Sugar is deteriorating your body

Is sugar really that bad? Sugar has continued to play an increasingly important role in our food industry. It’s not just sugary foods, but sugar has made its way into practically everything we eat. You can become addicted to sugar. Refined sugar in particular provides only empty calories and lacks all the essential and natural...Read More

7 health risks of diet cola

Diet cola is the companion of dieters everywhere because it seems to be a healthy choice. Diet cola satisfies your urge for sweet beverages. It includes artificial sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose. It may be free of calories but it is not free of side effects. Here are few reasons to avoid diet cola:-...Read More

12 Simple tips to lose belly fat

Making small changes in your daily lifestyle can help you get rid of the fat. Beginning a fat loss diet doesn’t have to mean a drastic change. Incorporate minor adjustments into your lifestyle and you will see how it all adds up to big calorie savings and fat loss. 1. Evaluate your eating habits:-Begin by...Read More

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