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Gain Weight Articles

Read informative articles on weight gain to stay updated with the latest and comprehensive information about weight gain. Know tips to gain weight naturally along with information about weight gain diet, foods advice and much more. These articles on weight gain can be really effective and useful for you and help you to lead a healthy and fit life.

How to Gain Healthy Weight

Question / Dilemma: Are weight gain capsules and drinks of any use? Do they really help gain weight? Answer: To gain weight, what’s important is that you eat more calories than your body burns. And it’s not just any calories; you must ensure that you get high quality calories that come from least processed food. So, if you...Read More

Slowing Down The Metabolism Doesn’t Help To Gain Weight in a Healthy Way

Question / Dilemma: Sometimes I wonder if I have a very fast metabolism and that’s why I am so lanky. Could that play a spoilsport to my weight gain plan in the long run? Answer: You should feel lucky to have a fast metabolic rate. It’s a healthy sign and what the whole world is craving to have!...Read More

Lifting Heavy Weights Help to Gain Weight

Question / Dilemma: I’m working out every day of the week. As is the belief, will doing more weights help me gain faster? Answer: First of all, you have taken the right approach by going for weight training, but there are certain things that you should keep in mind as you strive to reach your...Read More

All Fatty Foods are Not Good to Gain Weight

Question / Dilemma: I was wondering since I am aiming to put on a few kilos, are all fatty food good for me? Answer: Just because you want to gain a few kilos, it doesn’t mean that you can gorge on anything that’s fatty, say for instance a plate of samosas or deep-fried Puris. You don’t want to...Read More

How to Gain Weight

How to Gain Weight How to gain weight or gain muscle? .. is a very common question. More specifically, men ask how to gain muscle & weight, and women ask just how to gain weight. To gain weight the healthy way, you need to get on a weight gain plan –  that helps you gain some muscle also- this applies...Read More

How Many Daily Calories Do I Need To Lose Weight

How Many Daily Calories Do I Need To Lose Weight   Do you know your body’s daily calorie requirement? You want to lose weight? Simple, all you have to do is watch your calories. Start by reading the labels of foods you are eating or you can also use Fitho’s calorie counter to search for your food, calculate its calories and see its full nutrition...Read More

Weight Gain Supplements – Gain Weight Fast

Weight Gain Supplements – Gain Weight Fast We have many articles and tips to Gain Weight. Here, we’ll address how you can easily gain weight using weight gain supplements, since they can really help you develop size and look fuller. Essentially to gain weight, you need to eat more calories than you burn. But its not always easy for people to increase...Read More

Are Supplements Good For Health?

Are Supplements Good For Health? We often associate ‘supplements’ with steroids, but supplements are simply what we consume to supplement our diet. With the state of our diets, to ensure we get complete nutrition, it can help to use supplements. There are many types of supplements. In the next series of articles, we will consider the basic health supplements, what...Read More

White Bread – Your Weight Loss Enemy

White Bread – Your Weight Loss Enemy The title says it all- white bread is not on your side in the war against fat, unhealthy lifestyle and diabetes. If anything, it promote fat storage and diabetic tendencies. White bread is made from refined wheat flour(maida) which gives it a high content of simple carbohydrates. Then, it contains added sugar to improve flavour,...Read More

Nutrition Timing is Key to Muscle Building

Nutrition Timing is Key to Muscle Building Before most of the women stop reading this article, we have to tell you that this article is as important for you as it is for guys. Building muscle is key to looking good and being healthy for both men and women. Losing fat is good, but if you don”t have muscle, how will you...Read More

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