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Gain Muscle Articles

Read informative articles on muscle gain to stay updated with the latest and comprehensive information about muscle gain. Get information and advice for best and fastest way to gain muscle mass. Know good gain muscle workout, diet and much more. These articles on muscle gain can be really effective and useful for you and help you to lead a healthy and fit life.

How to Get a Workout While Watching the World Cup?

How to Get a Workout While Watching the World Cup?   The cricket world cup is back! Along with it our extra hours of sitting in front of the television! Did you know an average world cup watcher could be adding up to around 2,400 calories per match — more than many people need in an entire day! Read about the empty calories in junk foods....Read More

5 Minute Toned Tummy Workout!

5 Minute Toned Tummy Workout! A toned mid section is always in fashion. The problem is that you don’t always have time for a full workout, so if you can take out 5 minutes a day, here’s a great workout to tone your abdominal and core muscles, for a flat & taut belly! Plank Exercise- For Abs Exercises Start with...Read More

7 foods that Pack on Muscle

7 foods that Pack on Muscle Do you spend hours at your gym, lifting heavy weight, but are unable to see any sufficient muscle gains? Then here are some foods you should include in your diet to build muscles. 1. Eggs: Eggs are one of the richest sources of protein with highest biological value. It is a reference to the measure...Read More

5 Exercises to Build Bigger Biceps

5 Exercises to Build Bigger Biceps Building muscle is a combination of diet and a good exercise routine. The right exercise can help increase your efficiency and deliver results in lesser time. Here are some effective exercises that will help you builder better and bigger biceps. 1. Incline Dumbell Curls: It allows one to achieve a full range of motion while...Read More

5 Tips for Your Six Pack

5 Tips for Your Six Pack Your six pack abs dream can be a reality with a little bit of hard work, dedication and the right exercise & diet routine. While working on your abs you need to focus on two things: fat loss and muscle buildup. Both these can be achieved by eating right food at the right time, following...Read More

Lifting Heavy Weights Help to Gain Weight

Question / Dilemma: I’m working out every day of the week. As is the belief, will doing more weights help me gain faster? Answer: First of all, you have taken the right approach by going for weight training, but there are certain things that you should keep in mind as you strive to reach your...Read More

Is Including High Protein in Daily Diet A Good Idea?

Question / Dilemma: The trainer suggested I should have a high protein diet. Is including protein in my daily diet a good idea?   Answer: Muscles require protein for wear and tear and repair of tissues. But protein is not the only driving factor in building muscles. You also require carbohydrates for energy during workouts...Read More

Best Post Workout Food Options

Best Post Workout Food Options People often give importance to pre-workout meals to support the muscle growth and promote weight loss. But latest studies are giving more weightage to post work out diet as being the most important meal that can make or break your fitness. Your body absorbs the maximum amount of food right after the workout. Your muscles absorb the food quickly...Read More

Protein Sources for Vegetarians

Protein Sources for Vegetarians Vegetarians often feel left out that there are not much protein options available in their diet as compared to their non-vegetarian counterparts. Chicken, eggs, lean meats, red meats, fishes are popularly known as the good sources of protein. The good news is that there are plenty of protein options available for vegetarians to meet the...Read More

How to Increase Muscle Mass

How to Increase Muscle Mass Simple fundamental of weight lifting and strength training can help you load on quick muscle mass and lose fat from the body. The basic logic behind using heavy weights is that it provides resistance to muscle which in return makes it bigger and stronger. But  simply pumping iron is not going to get you the...Read More

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