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Exercise Articles

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Read informative articles on exercises to stay updated with the latest health trends in exercises and comprehensive information about exercises. Get information related to various exercises routine, exercising advice, benefits, exercise to lose weight and more. These articles on exercises can be really effective and useful for you and help you to lead a healthy and fit life.

7 foods that melt away flab

Many people think that starving themselves is the best way to melt away the flab. But starving for a longer time period can adversely affect your health. So, here is a list of 7 foods that not only provide energy but also help in melting way that stubborn flab. 1. Egg: Eggs are a rich...Read More

Regular exercise reduces unnecesary cravings

Regular exercise reduces unnecessary cravings Including exercise in your daily routine gives you many health benefits such as: • Weight Management• Prevention of Heart Diseases• Improves Mood • Boosts Energy• Promotes better sleep But for weight watchers there is another addition to the benefits associated. It also reduces unhealthy and unnecessary food cravings, which obviously...Read More

Why Indians have to spend more time at the gym?

Going to the gym has become a trend these days. To be physically fit, it is generally easiest to join a gym, as you have trainers and others to guide you. But time is a valuable commodity these days, and knowing how much time you need to spend working out at the gym is very...Read More

Benefits and Importance of Strength training for the elderly

Strength training is an important part of an overall fitness program. Research has shown that strength training is safe and effective for all age groups. It’s a myth that as we grow older we get much weaker. Losing muscle and gaining fat are just a part of the natural aging process. But the fact is...Read More

How to get Rid of Back Flab

Do you spend hours exercising and still can’t get rid of the fat on your back? We have the perfect solution to help fight your flabby back. Here are some easy exercises that can help get your upper body in shape and give you the perfectly toned back that you desire. -Renegade Rows: This exercise...Read More

Benefits of Rowing

  Rowing is one of the best high-intensity, low-impact exercises as it has both aerobic and anaerobic benefits, which means it has cardiovascular and weight training benefits. It affects almost all body muscles, right from your cervical spine to your toes.   Rowing also helps shape your body and lose weight, as it works on...Read More

Magic pill that kills food cravings

Why do most people find it difficult to lose weight? They can’t control their food cravings. Whether it is a sweet tooth or late night snacking, it is always that one craving that keeps throwing them off their weight loss goals. If there was a magic pill that could help you manage your cravings what...Read More

Exercises to Lose Thigh Fat

Looking to get rid of that extra weight from your thighs? The best solution is a combination of a healthy diet & exercise. Even to effectively lose weight on your targeted problem areas you need to watch your diet. While you get on a healthy diet here are some exercises that can help you melt...Read More

Why Your Workout is Not Working

Exercise is the most natural fat burner and detox mechanism. But we often see people slogging away for hours at the gym and don’t see any effect of the exercise on their appearance. There could be multiple factors responsible for your workout to not give you the real results. Let us understand each one of...Read More

Why We Are Not Motivated To Exercise

We all have the days where we plan to workout and know that we should, but when it’s time to exercise suddenly we don’t feel like sticking to our commitment. It’s not that we don’t have 15 minutes to exercise; it’s just not our priority. So How does one actually start exercising? Little bit of...Read More

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