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Build Muscle With Your Mind

We want an ideal body to look muscular and be in shape but just cant do it. If you give up your resolution by the end of the day then you probably lack the imagination of seeing your self like how you want to be. Do you have the power to think, imagine and picture about what you want?  Well, if the answer is yes, then you could build muscles with your mind and enhance your training to next level. A recent study concluded that people who are able to imagine about the kind of body they desire are able to achieve their targets much sooner than those who can’t imagine. We look for miracles when it comes to staying fit, but it is in your mind. Picturization in your mind can help you achieve the body you crave for.

Think Positive:
Building mind muscle will help you build real muscles. Spending so much time exercising everyone wants it to show physically. Think positive about the exercises that you do, irrespective if it is showing results. Feeling positive about your workouts will show better and effective results.

Priority: You have many thoughts running in your mind simultaneously. Clear your head of all the thoughts. Concentrate and start thinking about your workout. If you are looking to build muscle than visualize your target muscle gaining size or simply focus on the target area where you need to lose weight and imagine the fat melting away.

Acceptance or Denial:
Our minds accept or denies, when our mind accepts we move forward with the thought and if it denies we quit. Imagining the workout pattern before helps the mind accept to the challenges it will face and thus becomes prepared to take it on. Imagining also tells the mind what to do and what not to do.

Eat Fuller Calories:
Pre-imagining  of fruits, vegetables and other nutritious foods in your diet helps you to eat it more often than people who can imagine. Seeing yourself eating healthier options helps you consume more of it. Eat in smaller plates to psychologically feel that you are eating a lot. Same portion of food in a smaller plate gives you a sense of feeling fuller.

Thinking of the workout pattern before hand gives you the support and advantage to execute and reach the goals. Thinking prepares you for the challenge you will face. A quick tip to try next time you are working out: While running focus on your core muscles. At the end of the workout you will feel the difference!

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