Breakfast Options that are not so Healthy
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Breakfast Options that are not so Healthy

We have always emphasized on breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Healthy breakfast not only nourishes the body but also is very effective for weight loss. Some people eat unhealthy breakfast which not only adds empty calories but depletes the body of daily nutrition intake. Eating junk food, deep fried, fattening foods will only promote weight gain and keep you feeling heavy and sluggishness all through the day. Let us pin point some of the not so healthy breakfast options that are eaten by most of us and at times even considered healthy.

Corn Toast with cheese: The corn and cheese toast is made of a white sauce batter that has corn and cheese added to it. The white sauce batter is made out of white flour and contains no nutrition, while corn is nothing but starch. Mostly white bread is used as the base of this toast which is again an unhealthy option.

Parantha: Many people have a habit of eating paranthas for breakfast stuffed with various ingredients. But making the parantha involves using oil which is not healthy and it requires more amount of flour to make it thereby increasing the calorie content.

Cornflakes: Its glycemic index is high and if combined with milk and sugar the calorie intake increases beyond requirement. Eating sugar coated, chocolate flavored cereals in not healthy as they add empty calories  in our diet.

French Toast: French toast is a combination of egg and bread which is healthy. Its the cooking process of a French toast that makes it healthy. Most of the times white bread is used, secondly it is deep fried or cooked in large amount of oil, taking away all its original health benefits.

Pancake: Refined flour used in pancakes is devoid of any fibre and has got high glycemic index and add large number of calories. Further stuffing with red meat and cheese makes it a high calorie breakfast option.

Chole Bhature: The bhaturas are deep fried refined flour bread eaten in combination with chole and pickle which is unhealthy and high in calories.These chole are high in sodium causing water retention in the body.

Sausages: Red meats are high in saturated fatwhich increase your cholesterol levels making you more prone cardiovascular diseases. Sausages are red meats and also high in sodium which promotes water retention and hypertension(blood pressure).

Fried Egg with Toast: It is not a healthy option as it requires good amount of oil and if combined with toast and butter makes it a unhealthy option.

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