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Bored of the Gym? Play a Sport at Siri Fort

Everyone enjoys a little change in the usual boring routine. Working out in the gym can definitely get boring. So, why not play a sport?

Active sports aid developing muscle, burning calories and improving reflex action- Due to the new movements and reflexes needed to develop for a new sport, your brain makes more connections between its neurons for this development. Studies have linked physical and mental development from such active sports and delay in the onset of disorders like Alzheimers and Parkinsons. There are always the social benefits of meeting that hottie ;), or just catching up with friends.

Tennis by roy_mac_an_iarla @ flickr

Siri Fort Sports Complex, in the heart of the Delhi is the perfect venue for all kinds of sport activities- They have a bunch of racquets sports like clay tennis courts, badminton, glass walled squash courts and table tennis. Cricket, football and hockey fields and a soft 1 km running track- which is used by many runners and athletes to train for athletic events.

A driving range, putting area, skating area, gymnastics and even a shooting range. They also have the a gym, fitness center and a sports shop and a coffee shop.

If you don’t have membership, most activities are available on a pay as you go basis. And the charges are reasonable.

Next time you’re bored and want to do something new, hit the closest sport complex and try a new sport. Get fit, get smarter and have a ball. Be sure to hydrate yourself enough specially in hot and humid Indian weather.





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