BMI Formula - BMI Calculator- Why BMI is an Inaccurate Tool?
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BMI Calculator – Why BMI is an Inaccurate Tool?

Of late, many people are talking Body Mass Index (BMI). You might’ve heard of it too. Many health websites provide these BMI calculators, and use it to measure your health and fitness level. At Fitho, we believe that this Body Mass Index measurement is a completely inaccurate way to measure your fitness or health levels. We’ll tell you why..

What is BMI- Body Mass Index?
Body Mass Index (BMI) was developed somewhere between 1830-1850. It was used to estimate obesity in populations. To calculate your BMI, take your weight in kgs and divide by the square of your height in meters. Say your height is 1.8 m, its square is 3.24 m2. If your weight is 81 kg, then your BMI is = 81/3.24 = 25 kg/m2.

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Why is it misleading?
Let’s take an example for this- Two guys, equally tall (1.8 m) and with the same weight (81 kg). One is athletic with 13% body fat (since muscle fiber is dense), and the other fat at 34% body fat. Both of them have completely different body shapes, but have the same BMI=25 kg/m2. So, how can BMI be an accurate measure of health and fitness level? It does not take into account, your body measurements or your fitness level.

Recently, the health ministry of India announced that if your BMI is over 23 kg/m2, then you’re obese. So, even the muscular guy is categorized as obese. By the new Indian obestiy norms & guidelines, every 2nd person in Delhi is obese!

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