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Best Exercises for Thighs

Legs are an integral source of power and hence need to be given equal if not more importance than biceps, chest and abs. Well exercising legs are especially critical for a good performance at any outdoor sport. Women have a higher tendency to put on weight on the thighs than men. Having said that it does not mean that men dont need to workout their thighs as much as women. Men especially need to pay attention to the legs first to maintain symmetry of the body shape as they tend to mostly focus on the upper body.

If you are looking at weight loss on thighs then you need to strike a balance between the diet and exercise to get the best results.

Below are some best exercises to help you burn fat from your thighs and toned them up too.

Running: If you feel that you have too much fat on your thighs and want to reduce it fast then running is one of the best exercise for burning maximum calories for fat loss and inch loss of the thighs. Do high intensity workouts like sprinting, german drills, step climbing, bur pees, hopping etc. Running also helps build leg muscles for faster burning of calories while at rest.

Squats: One of the most simple exercise which everyone can do either with thin thighs or thick ones. Squats work out the thighs as well as the butts and tones them up for defined and muscular looking thighs. Toned thighs look good on men as well as women.

Lunges: Lunges help to strengthen the thigh muscles and is easy to perform. You can do lunges anywhere are you could do it without equipments. To make your exercise more intense perform lunges with dumbbells and maintain the correct posture for maximum benefits. If you get bored of doing simple lunges then you add variations like lunges with a twist or walking lunges.

Frog Jump: Do this exercise at the end of your exercise routine as this exercise will make you get tired as it involves a lot of energy. To perform this exercise get down to the squat position and jump forward with lifting yourself. This exercise is very effective in toning your thighs and builds strength in the muscles too.

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