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Push Ups – Best Exercise for Upper Body & Abs

If you had to pick one exercise to build everything in your upper body, it would be the mighty push-up. There isn’t any gym equipment that can replace the old school push-up. It works your chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, back and abdominal muscles.

Strong Woman performing Push Up (fer@flickr)

Done right, it works your whole upper body, including your core. And as a test of fitness, it is probably one of the best exercises out there. A push-up tests how much strength you have in your upper body, to lift your own weight.

So, how do you correctly perform a pushup?
Kneel on a mat or the floor. Bend over placing your palms on the floor just outside your shoulders. Straighten your legs so the only contact points with the floor are your palms and the front of your soles. Keep your legs straight, and in line with your torso, ensuring your back is also straight. This is your starting position.
Now, slowly lower your body by bending your arms, till you’re almost touching the floor. Pause for a moment at the bottom, and lift yourself back into the starting position.

If you cannot perform a push-up, then make it easier by supporting yourself at the knees. So, your contact points with the floor are your palms and your lower legs. This is your starting position. Lower yourself in the same manner
This is also called a girl push-up; though I’m always impressed by women who can do full push ups. If you can’t do a proper push up, start with this, but build yourself towards doing proper push ups.

Ladies, the push up is for you too. It’s a great exercise to get those toned arms, well shaped shoulders and a hot bod. Push-ups will not only burn calories while you’re working out. But you will build some muscle, which helps you burn calories even as you sleep! And note that you will not get bulky by doing push-ups (You need the male hormone testosterone and lots of food to make your bulky. Testosterone is a male hormone, so don’t worry about it).

So, drop now and give me 30… Seriously, go and do 30 push-ups, now!

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