Banana milk shake- unhealthy fattening?

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Banana milkshakes (banana and milk combination) are a common topic of health debates- whether banana milkshakes are unhealthy, fattening & weight gaining or good for health? Many people believe that if you have banana and milk together, it will make you gain weight! This is one of the biggest myths- banana milkshake does not make you fat- Let’s show you how..

Let’s analyze this a little. For a basic banana milkshake, you need one banana and one glass of low fat milk. A banana by itself has negligible fat. See banana calories & nutrition. Milk is a dairy product. And a recent study linked dairy consumption with reduced storage of belly fat. So, we know its not the fat that is the problem.

Both banana and milk have a low-medium Glycemic Index, so it is not the carbohydrate content that makes you fat. Besides, it provides you with protein, fiber, calcium, vitamins, and minerals, which if anything, don’t make you fat. As you see, there is nothing in banana and milk that makes you fat.

bananas and milk healthy- do banana milkshakes make you gain weight

Do milk and banana promote weight gain (drgori@flickr)

If you’re worried about calories in bananas and milk, then 1 banana is about a 100 calories. 1 glass of low fat milk is about 60-80 calories. So, a plain banana milkshake would be about 160-180 calories. The total calories from this concoction are lower than a bag of chips (about 600 calories). What the culprit probably is all the additives in a banana milkshake to make it taste better- sugar, ice cream, unhealthy sweet syrup (basically, sugar and water), and all the extra flavouring. These additives are loaded with calories, and are what make a banana milkshake unhealthy and fattening.

The other reason why people associate banana & milk with being fattening & unhealthy is that in general people who are overweight are consuming more calories than they’re burning. If they added a banana milkshake to their diet, did they remove something from their diet to replace with a banana milkshake? We all know the basic rule of weight gain: More calories in, less calories out and you gain weight. As you can see, the poor banana and milk are just scapegoats for people not burning the calories that they consume.

If you just have a simple banana milk shake, it is loaded with benefits- healthy carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and more. All you need to do to make a banana milkshake, is throw in one banana with a glass of low fat milk, and some ice cubes in the mixer.

Simple Banana Milkshake Recipe Tip: Next time you have a banana shake, add a pinch of cinnamon to it, or try some elaichi (green cardamom)- makes it delicious. The spices are loaded with antioxidants and make it even healthier!

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  • Bananas for weight loss

    milk does not give you calcium as you may think. as it is said to make kids bones grow stronger. what a lie! milk leaches calcium from the body and that icecream advert with those moo things what a lode of rubbish! kids living on two to three cups of milk a day they’ll surely get osteoperosis the secret of milk is hidden because dairy company couldn’t bare to lose their company! it is devastating that the company’s get money and pay money to make kids sick how unnecessary! they pay scientists and doctors to make adverts encouraging parents to fill there kids up with milk it just shows how inconsiderate those company’s are and yet they have kids themselves! i have got absolutely nothing against this website i’m trying to warn you about milk even if you may not believe me of coarse that is your choice but think about it how do you feel after milk? tired,sick in the stomach? eczema, asthma? so many disorders are caused by milk and the real calcium sources like vegestables actually prevent disorders and broccoli prevents cancer! what does milk prevent? i cant think of many things and it is said to be the biggest calcium source and it doesn’t prevent anything. and if we need cows milk well why not dogs milk or cat’s milk it is more good for us than any other animals milk it is very good for cute baby calf’s though. our body is not designed to drink milk because of the reactions you get from milk it is like when types of chemicals aren’t compatible than you put them together they react it is common sense! written by clarisse age 12

  • banana milkshake

    those recipes sound delicious!

  • mime

    i love making smoothies but i don’t have low fat stuff that much and i should from now on i make very natural smoothies just banana and milk very simple easy and delicious put a banana in the blender fill the milk up to the hight of the banana’s and blend my very good advice is to never make a pure strawberry smoothie unless you have very very sweet strawberry’s!

  • Fitho

    @clarisse- clarisse, we do understand that many people might be lactose intolerant, but we believe that milk is not harmful for everybody.

  • Darcy Watlington

    It’s pretty awesome having nutrition as my life. I always tell people when they ask me what kind of supplements to take. Start with the basics and get some whey protein as a body building supplement then if you want, try an EFA stack for weight loss. As always throw in a multivitamin.

  • adam

    This is bullshit, my colleague Irina just had one and she’s fatter now.

  • Irina

    Adam, what do you mean “fatter”??? I am still in a good form and this milkshake was yammi :) I must say.

  • jeet

    is there any side effect of banana-milk shake? can i take it daily first thing in the morning? and for how many days? Pls suggest…


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  • Alex

    To put this into perspective:

    I drink a minimum of about 3 Litres of fluids per day.

    My ideal calorie intake is around 2200 per day (I’m around 5’10, 175 lbs).

    A cup (250 ml) of water is 0 calories.

    A cup of skim milk is about 100 calories.

    A cup of whole milk is about 150 calories.

    A cup of milk shake can be anywhere between 140 to 200+ calories.

    A cup of chocolate milk can be anywhere between 160 and 200+ calories.

    A cup of orange juice is around 110+ calories.

    A cup (250 ml) of Tim Hortons coffee is around 150 calories.

    A cup (250 ml) of Coca Cola contains around 110 calories.

    A cup (250 ml) of my generic grape pop has around 130 calories.

    You obviously want milk, but even drinking way too much milk can gain you weight if you’re not mindful of your calorie intake, so as a rule of thumb, if you’re not keeping track, the majority of what you drink should be water.

    Just my 2c

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