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How to Tone Arms Exercises

Arms are the most exposed body part of most people- men and women. So, everyone wants toned arms. Women wonder how to lose arm flab. Men wonder how to get muscular arms. By doing a few simple exercises, you can easily get toned arms.

Note that there are two parts to your arms- biceps and triceps. So, the exercises listed below are both bicep exercises and tricep exercises, which as a combination give you great arms!

Bicep Curl: A beginner’s exercise but most classic and effective of all for biceps. Biceps curls can be done using any of the following equipment: Dumbbells, Barbell, Cable machine, Biceps curling machine. Try the variation by alternating bicep curl as it allows you to focus on one arm at a time and give the other arm a rest.

Bicep curl

How to perform bicep curl.

Lying Tricep Extension: Skull Crusher or Lying casino online portugal triceps extensions are an effective way to gain muscle tone. One of the most important things to remember when performing this exercise is to focus on technique.This Triceps exercise will add on the progress if you perform it correctly.

Lying tricep extension

How to perform Tricep Extension.

Bench Dip: Dipping is one of the oldest exercises known. Long before the barbell and dumbbell were invented, ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian athletes and soldiers used dips to develop muscle and power. More people have used this movement for upper-body development than any other exercise. Dips are also used by every sports person as part of his conditioning program.


Bench Dips

How to perform Bench Dips.

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