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Are you drinking fat?

Sounds disgusting, but many of those soft drinks that we merrily consume are literally like drinking fat. We tell you all the time how sugar can make you fat. According to the New York City Health Department, drinking just one can of soft drinks (or sugary soda) can make you gain upto 5 kgs of fat! Leave aside all those weekly chocolate cake calories, or the coffee drink calories!

To further reinforce this matter, the New York City government has come up with this video highlighting the effects of sugary drinks. See it here below.

One bottle of soft drinks contains between 200-300 calories. That’s 200-300 empty sugar calories, that get stored in your body as fat! Similarly, fruity drinks like orange juice and mango drinks are loaded with calories. If you need to drink something, drink water. Read about the water. Or try some green tea- it helps in weight loss. To start cutting down on your daily intake of sugary drinks, try doing it on alternate days. That itself, can half your sugary calorie intake, from soda and soft drinks.

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