Are Frooti drinkers fat and unhealthy?

Have you seen the new frooti ad? (watch below) It is full on unhealthy looking people. Most of them are really out of shape. Is Frooti trying to imply that its drinkers get unhealthy like that? Mango is healthy, but mango flavoured drinks like these are loaded with sugar, and we all know that Sugar Makes you Fat. If you keep drinking sugar loaded drinks consistently, you will promote fat storage in your body, and become unhealthy.

Indians are a higher risk of diabetes and hypertension- India is projected to be the diabetes capital of the world by 2050. Obesity is also on the rise in India. Indians already lead such sedentary lives, that its important for us to ensure we stay healthy and fit.

If the video doesn’t work, view it here- YouTube Frooti New Ad. On a side note, we think its an interesting ad film :)

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  • Maansi

    whatever it was stated above is the right one i think..!people takecare quench ur thirst with healthy fruit juices…
    wish u a great and cool summer

  • Fitho

    Thanks! We think so too. Nothing beats the nutrition of eating the real fruit. In order of decreasing nutrition:
    fruits -> fresh fruit juice -> packaged drinks
    Also, thats the order of increasing sugar!

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