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Q from Shefali: Can you tell me some tasty and healthy snacks that I can eat between meals?
Expert Answer:
Here is a list of healthy snacks:
– Fruits like apples, guavas
– Here is a simple recipe for healthy Granola Bars.
– Veg or meat based healthy kebabs are great snacks
– Nuts like Almonds- read about health benefits-almonds.
– Drink lots of water and healthy green tea.

Q from Maryam: I’m a 28 year old female- Every day i do 1 hr treadmill exercise on speed of between 4km to 6km/h. I want to loose about 10 kg, and its about 1 month i do this, but my weight loss is very slow just 1.5 kg, what should i do to lose more? Is 1 enough ? or i should do more?
Expert Answer:
You have hit a weight loss plateau. know how to overcome a weight loss plateau
Increasing your speed on the treadmill will help to burn more calories and improve weight loss. You could also add some weights to your workout to increase weight loss

Q from Rakesh: I run 4 to 5 km on road surface at a leisurely pace and complete my run in about 30 minutes. I do it for 4-5 days in a week. Is it safe to run on road surface and do I need to take any precautions to avoid damage to my knees / legs in the long term. I’ve a Treadmill at home but I like to run outdoors? Please advise
Expert Answer:
To reduce risk of injury, you should cross train. Go cycling, or swimming.
Also lift weights to vary the pressure on your muscles and joint. This will further reduce risk of any running related injury.

Q from Margo: Which foods contain brown fat?
Expert Answer:
Currently research has shown that Green Tea helps to stimulate Brown Fat in the body. Green Tea contain EGCG. So, currently no common foods are known to contain brown fat.

Q from Atul: Is it safe to take the whey protein?
Expert Answer:
Whey protein is a good supplement to ensure your body gets enough protein for muscle growth and repair. Low quality protein supplements can harm your body. Ensure that you only consume high quality whey protein supplements.

Q from Anurag: I am 39 yrs old and have started long distance running 3 months back. After weekly runs (18-21 km), I feel mild leg muscle pain and cramps for two-three days. Kindly guide me whether I should continue leg stretching exercise even during these days of muscle & cramps as well?
Expert Answer:
You should definitely stretch after all workouts. Dehydration can cause cramps, so ensure your body is getting enough water. Also to ensure you are balancing your workouts, make sure you are cross training with weights or some activity that does not stress your lower body as much as long distance runs.

Q from Iman Oberoi: My problem is that I am not able to get rid of my side handles and belly fat. I workout 2 hours, 5 days a week, 1 hour of weight training and 1 hour or cardio. Diet includes more of protein and less of carbs. How can i get flat stomach?
Expert Answer:
Iman, depending on how much weight you want to lose, you should give it time. Target a weight loss of 2 kgs per month. If you’re not losing weight, then you will nee to re-look at your workout, to make sure it is effective.
Also, 2 hours a day is too long a workout. We recommend a workout around 1 hour. Getting a flat stomach takes time and focused dedication, so stay at it, and you’ll get there!

Q from Neeru Razdan: Can I have only fruits in the breakfast?
Expert Answer:
Neeru, you can surely eat only fruits for breakfast. Fruits are healthy and nutritious. but they do not supply significant protein & fat. To ensure, you get a balanced meal, add some milk, or yoghurt.

Q from Neeru Razdan: How to lose weight after pregnancy?
Expert Answer:
To lose weight, a simple exercise is to start jogging. Here are tips to start running. Walking is ineffective for weight loss, so start with light jogging.

Q from Courtney Stiles: Im a 5’8”  woman and weigh 127 pounds. My body fat is 14.86%. I’m striving to get toned all over and really have my abs in perfect shape by summer. I workout everyday- cardio and strength training and I eat very healthy: breakfast- cheerios with soy milk or oatmeal lunch- turkey on whole wheat bread or grilled chicken salad with no dressing dinner- brown rice, broccoli, and grilled chicken. And I snack on carrots, apples, celery and berries. I don’t understand why I’m not seeing definition in my body. Please give me some advice!
Expert Answer
Courtney, 15% is a very low fat percentage for a woman. Many professional women athletes are in that range. In fact in that range you should be able to see your ab outlines. So, it seems like there could be two issues. First is that the fat measurement device was inaccurate. Please have it verified with another source. If the fat percentage is correct, then it could just be that you need to work on building your abdominal muscles, to help them pop for summer. To burn more fat, you could try circuit training, interval training or sprint training.

Q from Nayyar Raffiq: hi, i am over weight and i need to lose 2 stone
my daily diet is as follows
9am 2 weetabix with semiskimmed milk
12pm 75 grams greek yourgurt with 1 spoon sugar and a sprinkle of muesli
3pm egg/fish finger/cheese sandwich
6pm a bowl of cornflakes
9pm a apple sleep between 11pm and 12am.
i excercise 5 times a week a week burning 500 calories a day on a cross trainer
i am not getting any results i don’t know what i am doing wrong please can you help?
Expert Answer
Nayyar, there might be a couple of areas you should look at- cornflakes are not the healthiest meal to eat. Also, instead of focusing on calorie burnt, focus on getting a solid workout in, like running for 20-30 minutes, or increasing the intensity of your cross trainer workout.

Q from Bhimarao Jakkam How much time gap do I need to give before I can go to bed after dinner?
Expert Answer:
Eating a meal and then immediately going off to sleep slows down the digestion and affects your sleep. Sleeping within 2 hours of meal as a ritual leads to transient changes reducing Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES) pressure. This leads to expulsion of undigested acidic material from stomach to food pipe and/or mouth which medically is known as Heart Burn or GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) or we all know it as acidity.
However, at night going to bed hungry or thirsty is not good either as you will have 8-12 hours fasting before the next meal (breakfast) leading your body into starvation mode making weight loss difficult. So, you can enjoy your meals 2 hours before retiring to bed.

Q from Rav: I’ve recently started to try to lose weight. I’m 6′ tall and weight about 320 lbs. Thanks to my phone, I can keep track of how many calories I eat per day and as long as I stay under 2600 or so I will lose 2 lbs a week. My question is, does it matter what I eat as long as I stay under? I’ve been eating unhealthy so this transition isn’t easy and I was curious as to whether or not it matters what the food I eat is because there will be days where I’ll grab some fast food because I need to slowly change into eating more healthy as cold turkey hasn’t worked in the past.
Expert Answer:
Rav, in short, yes the quality of calories matter. To start with, you can focus on quantity. Since you have a challenge in sticking to your diet by going cold turkey, you should take it step by step: Once you have control over the quantity & number of calories that you consume, you should focus on improving the quality of food that you consume.
Along with food, try to get some exercise also, since it will be key for helping you lose weight and get fitter.

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