Airtel Kolkata Marathon 2009 is here!Fitho
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Airtel Kolkata Marathon 2009 is here!

Finally, the 2009 Airtel Kolkata Marathon is here. It will be held on Sunday, February 22, 2009.

There are 3 events:
1. Men’s Marathon (42.195 km): This event starts at 7 a.m.
2. Women’s Run (10.5 km): This run starts are 7.10 a.m.
3. SAIL Celebrity Run (4.2 km): This run starts at 7.30 a.m.

From our experience of athletic events, we suggest getting there at least an hour early, since there is chaos with parking, and so many people participating in the event.

The total prize money for the 2009 run is INR 1.1 million. The winner of the Men’s Marathon will get INR 320,000. The winner of the Women’s Run will receive INR 110,000. More details on the prize money awards at Kolkata Marathon 2009.

The website claims that over 20,000 participants will be taking part, making it the largest marathon in eastern India. Considering that there isn’t any other metro in eastern India, that’s not a tough feat for Calcutta.

There is no information on how to register and participate in the Kolkata Marathon :) but they’ve provided their contact information. The title of the website still says Kolkata Marathon 2007. Not even Kolkata Marathon 2008, let alone 2009 :)

We think its odd to have separate runs for men and women? Most of the other marathon events, like the Delhi Marathon, or others in India do not have events that separate men and women. What if there are women who want to run the full marathon? What if there are men who want to run 10.5 km, instead of having to choose between either the full marathon of 42+ km, or the celebrity run of 4.2 km? What do you think?

Regardless, the route for the Airtel Kolkata Marathon 2009 goes through the regal Red Road- it has been the iconic pleasurable driving experience in Calcutta for many years. Running on it would be cool.

Here is a list of winners for Kolkata Marathon 2009, and Women’s Run winners for the Kolkata Marathon 2009.

This is the 5th year of the Kolkata Marathon, starting in 2005. Watch out for information on the Airtel Kolkata Marathon 2010!

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