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Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2011

The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2011 is scheduled for 27th of November. Every year thousands of people come and participate in this event. Delhi Half Marathon has become a national  annual event where people travel to the capital from around the world to especially participate in it.

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon  2011 –

Distance: 21.09 km;

Registration Fees: NA

Registration Date: NA

Now that the date of the marathon is officially out its time to start preparing for it. Are you running the 7 km run or attempting to complete  the 21.09 run this year.

If you haven’t decided but are looking to get some guidance on how to start training for the upcoming marathon then you can write to us on

Our Marathon Training Programs range from new runners (never run in your life) to advanced runners. Completely customized to each individual’s age, gender, physical ability & age. A comprehensive, professional approach towards training, improving performance and finally running the marathon.

Another important element of this training program is Diet. A team of certified nutritionists and dieticians work closely with individuals/groups training for marathon to ensure that diet compliments the physical training ensuring complete fitness required to achieve the end results.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

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