Relationship Between Age and Weight - Why Do You Gain Weight with Age?
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Relationship Between Age and Weight

Here in this article we’ll try to explain to you in detail the relation between age and weight and why people gradually gain weight as they get old. In your early 20’s, you’re young, in college and have an active life. Your hormones are peaking, metabolic rate is on all time high, your immune system is strong. You can abuse your body-tank up on all the alcohol, go on late night eating binges, barely sleep and still look great. You feel like you’re body is like steel plated Armour.

In your late 20’s and early 30’s, you start settling down, maybe have some kids. The partying still goes on, probably not as crazy. You slowly start developing a belly, but ‘its small’, so it seems like ‘not much to worry about’. After a crazy night of whiskey shots and butter c
hicken, you might get the occasional heart burn. But you pop a pill and life is good again. You might think about exercise, but you feel like you’re in good shape.

In your late 30’s, early 40’s, that small belly has gotten bigger. Occasionally you and your friends face health issues like blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Things get more serious and you wonder what you can do to slow things down. Go for a walk, do some yoga, occasionally
You’ve still got 30-40 years to live and want to live them in good health. How do you make it happen? Skip the fried stuff, but it really doesn’t make a dent.

What you need to do is really take control of the situation. As you get older, your metabolic rate starts slowing down. So, for the same amount of food that you ate in your 20’s, your body needs more exercise to burn the same amount of calories. With age, your body starts storing more fat. It is biologically designed to do so, since your body sees fat as stored energy, which it might need in the future. It does not realize that you’re in the 21st century and there’s plenty of food. That’s where your brain needs to step and control what goes into your body. Alcohol consumption increases fat storage in your body. All that fried food along with the beer, leads to even more fat storage. Stress releases cortisol which further increases fat storage in our body. And Indians have a high tendency to store fat on their belly – belly fat is most dangerous fat which is the most dangerous kind of fat.

To fix this, don’t go on crash diets with side effects. Get on a proper plan that combines good diet and exercise. That doesn’t mean spending hours in the gym, or eating boiled veggies. It’s about knowing what you consume and how it affects you and about giving your body some exercise. Build some muscle, look better, feel better, improve your sex life.

Sure, you’re busy with work and travelling. A good health plan does not come in the way of that. It works around it, and keeps you healthy. Did you know? That Brad Pitt is over 40 and still sports a six pack You might not become Brad Pitt, but you can get close. So, take charge of your health. If you need a diet plan to help you lose weight call us or email us at Fitho!

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