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8 Tips for Good Running Form

Do you run or jog? Doesn’t matter if its outdoors or on the treadmill, we’ve given you plenty of tips on running. Today, we’ll tell about some finer points on how to improve your running form. These tips will not only help you run more efficiently, but also run faster, with less effort, improve muscle performance and reduce your risk of injury. It might even help you get a six pack.

Photo- Good Running Form (chimpmitten@flickr)

Landing: You should try to land mid-foot, not on your heel. Landing on your heel can slow down your running and jar the body. Landing on mid foot provides better cushioning.

Lift, than Push: Pick up your feet rather than pushing the ground away, which can tire muscles quickly.

Short is Good: Keep your stride short. It exerts less impact on your knee, as well as exerting less energy for each stride.

Abs & Core: Engage your lower abs. To do this, feel them about two inches below your belly button, and pull them toward your spine. Lift your ribcage up and forward to support your torso.

Relax: Yes, relax your hands. Imagine loosely holding a table tennis ball in your hands.

Swing Correctly: Swing your arms forward and back, not across the body, and make sure your elbows are at 90 degrees.

Stay Low: Let your shoulders fall. As you run longer and harder, your shoulders tend to rise up with the increasing stress. So exhale deeply, and keep them down. It will help you run longer and faster.

Look Ahead: Look straight ahead, not at the ground. Looking down closes your throat and makes breathing more difficult.

Implement these tips, and you will cetainly see an improvement in your performance.

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