5 Unhealthiest Cocktail Drinks

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Some cocktails are delicious, but many of those alcoholic drinks (and mocktails) are calorie loaded. Besides the alcohol, they are also loaded with sugar filled mixes. So, here’s our list of the 5 highest calorie cocktails, with the unhealthiest first …

1. The Long Island Iced Tea: We’ve all had these, but see what goes in: 1 part vodka, 1 part tequila, 1 part rum, 1 part gin, 1 part triple sec, 1.5 parts sweet & sour mix and a splash of Coke (The liquor should equal 2-3 total shots)! If the alcohol didn’t have enough calories, all the mixers are completely sugar and calorie loaded! Many of LIIT servings can be upto 780 calories! That’s almost 1/3 of your daily calorie intake. So, in 3 LITs, you would’ve added 1 whole day’s calories!

Photo - High Calorie Cocktail- Long Island Ice Tea (sgtgooch@flickr)

Photo – High Calorie Cocktail- Long Island Ice Tea (citruskapsel@flickr)

2. Margarita: On a hot day, a Margarita is tempting, but check the contents: 4 oz tequila, 4 oz limeade, 1/3 ounce triple sec. Plenty of liquor calories and the limeade is usually a sugar loaded premix. Margaritas are served in large glasses, and each can be upto 740 calories!

3. Pina Colada: This popular beach drink has 3 oz light rum, 3 tbsp coconut milk, 3 tbsp crushed pineapples, or a pineapple flavored premix, which is almost purely sugar. This cocktail measure in at 640 calories.

4. White Russian: Great drink contains 2 oz vodka, 1.5 oz coffee liquer and 1.5 oz heavy cream. This smooth cocktail is best had when you’re in Russia, where you’ll need the 425 calories from each serving to keep you warm! Besides sugar, this drink also contains fat!

Read on to see the last of the unhealthiest alcoholic drinks!

Photo- High Calorie Cocktails (kennwilson@flickr)

Photo- High Calorie Cocktails (Photographer: Kenn Wilson, www.cocktailia.com)

5. Mai Tai: Tastes like dessert and calorie loaded like dessert. At 350 calories, this cocktail has 1 oz light rum, 1/2 oz dark rum, 1/2 oz creme de almond, 1/2 oz triple sec, sweet and sour mix, pineapple juice.

Similarly, you should avoid chocolate liquor loaded drinks, or dessert drinks like creme brulee cocktails :) Also, watch out for those large pegs (‘patiala’ pegs).. that’s a double serving of alcohol, and thus double the calories!

Did you know that besides fat storage in your body, alcohol consumption can promote female hormone production in men and lead to male breasts.

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  • http://www.cocktailia.com/ Kenn

    That recipe is for a “Hawaiian” or “island” Mai Tai. For a slightly lower calorie version, try the traditional recipe which uses fresh lime juice instead of sour mix and doesn’t contain any other fruit juices.

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