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5 Big Mistakes of Weight Loss

You have tried everything to keep your fat away. You have a healthy lifestyle and are doing everything right to stay fit. Yet the weighing machine doesn’t make you happy. Even after knowing and following everything about a healthy lifestyle by the book certain loopholes in our lifestyle can cause situations leading to the imbalance in the body which causes fat accumulation. We have a few tips on how you can easily overcome these shortfalls and get on track towards being a slimmer you.

Unscheduled Meals: Quite a lot of people have the problem of untimely meals which is a big issue. With heavy work pressure, tight schedule, lifestyle and changing body psychology disturbs our eating cycle which slows down the metabolism. Skipping meals sends out the message to the body of hunger which activates the starvation mode in the body resulting in slowing down of the metabolism. So you skip your meal and load your self later causes slow burning of fat and thus accumulation of fat rubbishing your weight loss efforts. Besides skipping breakfast will not make you cover up for the lost nutrition for the day.

Go easy: It takes some time for the body to know when it is full. When we are hungry we just want to binge unlimitedly and almost everything. Well this will not help you cut down the fat. Eat slowly and enjoy your food. Its irresistable to eat slowly when we are hungry but if you don’t control it, fat loss will be a concern. Eating slowly will not only make you enjoy your food and consume less but will also help in proper metabolizing of the fat and food in the body.

Stop Cheating: Its alright once in a while to cheat and eat whatever you feel like eating. Especially when we are hungry we want to eat something that soothe our taste buds and go all out on it. We control through out the week and during weekends just go crazy on junk, fast food and alcohol which provide empty calories and fat. This weekend binging doesn’t solve any problem and doesn’t help in fat loss. In fact it might over a period of time result in weight gain. So watch out for weekend binge urges. If you must do everything in moderation.

Crave less for salt:
Sodium is the main cause of water retention in our body. Eating high sodium food like chips, namkeens, hot dogs, sausages, pickles, cured meats and Chinese can cause in excess consumption of salt in our bodies. High amount of salt in your diet can play a spoil sport in your weight loss challenge. Stay away from food with high salt content instead reach out to sauteed vegetables and fresh fruits.

Alcohol: Do you drink regularly ? Excess alcohol consumption can cause weight gain as it provides high amount of calories. We generally drink in the evening and at night which adds up to the calories had in the rest of the day. Snacks and fast food along with alcohol acts as icing on the cake taking your calorie consumption way further than the daily calorie requirement. High amount of fat gets stored in this process resulting in difficulty in cutting down the fat.

Eat peacefully
: Drop all your thoughts for those fifteen minutes when you re-fuel your body. Eat your meals peacefully without any disturbances to make you concentrate on your food and enjoy it while you eat slowly. Put away your phone and T.V, radio and all the disturbing elements. Eating peacefully helps you eat less and is more satisfying. Also go for a little walk post dinner before jumping straight into your bed.

Small factors in your lifestyle can cause the imbalance causing weight gain and slows down fat loss. Check the points mentioned above and see where you are going wrong.

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