1001 members registered for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2011
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1001 members registered to train for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2011



Reebok Running Squad

Fitho in collaboration with Reebok India has started a free marathon training program, called the Reebok Running Squad, that helps people train for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon events- 21 km half marathon as well as the 6k the great Delhi Run. The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon is on Nov 27, 2011 and registration is tentatively open till 22 October 2011. With just 6 weeks to go more than 1001 people have signed up for the program already. The marathon training program is free to anyone who wants to join and get professionally trained for the event. 

This program is designed to help both non runners & runners train for the marathon events. A team of qualified trainers have been selected to train people through a structured training schedule based on international marathon training techniques.

Fitho creates customized fitness & weight loss plans – using nutrition and exercise, as each person individuals needs & goals. Fitho’s marathon training program is especially designed to maximise the benefit for each runner with the help of a structured diet & exercise routine. With Fitho’s collaboration on Reebok Running Squad, we will be extending our expertise to more people, and make them marathon fit.

Running the half marathon requires stamina, endurance and strength. Reebok Running Squad Marathon Training Program has been designed to provide a structured training routine for advance, intermediate and beginner level. The training develops and enhances physical fitness required to run the half marathon according to your fitness levels. Critical to good performance is a good diet. A team of certified nutritionists and dieticians are also associated with this training program that work closely with individuals/groups training to ensure that diet compliments the physical training routine  ensuring complete fitness required to achieve the end results.

The RRS training will continue till 2011 to 26th November, 2011 with eleven weeks of training workouts. People can attend the Reebok Running Squad training program at the following venues:

– Nehru Park (New Delhi)

– Leisure Valley (Gurgaon, Sec 29)

– Noida Stadium  (Noida, Sec 21)


What to expect at the Reebok Running Squad sessions

– Build Stamina to run the full course of the half marathon

– All round physical training along with diet to support your output for energy and recovery

– Full body strengthening to avoid injury

– Professional guidance, regular Training

– Special sessions on weekends for capacity building

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